Friday, June 25, 2010

On the airport!

Here I am in Logan, along with 6 of my sailor friends waiting for the flight to Seattle. I just wanted to post some cool links so you guys can follow the boat using the interwebs:

Twitter Feed of Boat:

Geographical Position of the Boat:

Use these links to check in with my boat and make sure it hasn't gone to the bottom of the ocean.

Take care guys!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Less that one week for boarding!

What up guys,

Its 6 days till we board the ship in Hawaii. At this time in two days (on friday) i will be on a bus heading to Boston to board my hawaii flight.

Last week has been good here at SEA. I went to Boston on the weekend which was really fun and useful. I discovered the beauty of the garment district and decided that that will be the place which I make all my future clothing purchases. I also had the chance to go to the Kebab Factory, a fantastic indian restaurant with lots of tasty goodies.

Back in Woods Hole its all about working in our projects and papers. I have 1500 word paper due tomorrow which I really don't want to do. I also have a test tomorrow. All this work is just making us more eager to get on the plane to Hawaii.

I have been busy watching how Argentina totally dominates the World Cup and I am looking forward to watching the Argentina-Mexico game on Sunday at 6am Hawaii time. I am also rooting for Germany to get first place in their group and thus we would get Germany-England for the round of sixteen (yay!).

I still need to get some stuff for my trip such as good boots. I found some yesterday but they were almost 60 bucks and no hispanic in his right mind would pay that amount of money for the mud-boots they had in the store.

The captain explained the watch system to us and its really cool. Our shifts change as the days go by so we will have the opportunity to do everything on board at least once. I look forward to being the helmsman (steering the ship) and to be the assistant engineer on the ship. On Monday I met this really cool engineer that works here at SEA and I asked if they had any open positions for a MechE like me. He said they always needed help so maybe in two years I'll be working for SEA.

I will be staying in Waikiki and I already have mapped the best places nearby to watch the world cup matches. Also I got conformation by Jeff that he is indeed going to radio the scores of the match to us in the ocean.

In the meanwhile I have a lot of work to do and the Germany-Ghana game to catch. So I'll try and update you at least once or twice before I leave to hawaii.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 weeks till boarding the ship...!

Yep guys, you read the title right... I am 14 days away from boarding the SSV Robert C. Seamans and sailing it to San Francisco.

Everything in woods hole is pretty good. I have been eating well (probably too much). My housemates know more about me alreayd and yesterday I made the best "that's what she said" joke I have heard in a while. Also they are now aware of how "important" race is for me. Basically they are getting to know the real me.

Nautical Science is pretty awesome. We are learning how to navigate using the stars and the sun. It is super interesting and yesterday I got to use a Sextant (yay!) for all you ignorants here is a picture of a sextant:

It is used to find the angle that the sun makes with the horizon and then this is corrected to give the angle between the center of the earth and the center of the sun. THis can then be compared to references and can give you lines of position that you can intersect to get your location on a chart. Pretty awesome indeed.

There is one thing that bothers me here though, my oceanography teacher (a grad student from stanford) does not take mathematical correctness seriously (I am not even talking about rigority in proofs) and calls "angular velocity" things that are not ang. velocity. He also gives incorrect descriptions of the cross product and basically undermines mathematical correctness. It's ok though I need to get used to this for when I leave the MIT world (i wish I could stay at that world forever).

We are visiting Salt Marshes tomorrow and then on Thursday we are going to an all day field trip to new bedford. Should be fun experiences, I will be posting some pictures for you guys tomorrow.

World Cup Update: ARGENTINA!!! Argentina has been one of the best sides so far (only second to Germany) we would have totally won at least 4-0 if it wasn't for Nigeria's keeper awesome performance. Italy and Portugal have been disappointing (screw you Cristiano Ronaldo!) and Brazil had to sweat to beat North Korea. Honduras plays tomorrow (GO CENTRAL AMERICA) and Spain makes her debut, hopefully it will be a Spain- Argentina final on the 11th and Argentina will end with its third cup title. Good news for us mariners, I talked to a dude here at SEA today and I got told that he would relay the info. of the world cup to us at sea so that we know what happens. It sucks, but at least its better than not knowing who wins for 2 weeks after the final. It also means that if Argentina wins and we all die in the ship I will die happy.


Friday, June 11, 2010

End of Week 2 at SEA

Hey Dudes and Dudas,

I just ended week 2 at SEA. Pretty full week with 2 tests and quite a bit of assignments. I did well in my Piloting Test (yay! I'm not gonna get the ship lost) but I did not do that well in my oceanography one (apparently White Shark Café is not a biogeographical zone after all) I am pretty sure I passed though. I am getting ready for another cookout later tonight and we are gonna celebrate one of my roommate's 21st bday (should be pretty fun.

WORLD CUP BABY! First day ended with 2 ties... pretty dull but I must say that Mexico was extremely lucky in getting that draw against the host. They were inches away of losing their first game and must step it up for the 2nd matchday. France and Uruguay were disappointing too and probably won't make it too far. ARGENTINA PLAYS TOMORROW... I am very excited and will be watching the game with my seaman friends. On the other hand I also found out that I probably won't know who won the world cup until 2 weeks after we land in San Francisco... I almost cried when I heard this but I am doing my best to convince certain people to relay vital World Cup information to us at sea.

Today in Nautical Science we did this cool thing where we went to the beach and did a piloting exercise there and we practiced using a compass and aids to navigation (like lighthouses and buoys etc). It was an awesome way to spend classroom times. i'll also attach some pictures of this to this post.


PS: The right answer for the most recent poll is "my head is gonna explode" I'll let you figure why

PPS: Did I use enough awkward grammar Ellen?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boston for a day...

So, I woke up today and went to class to learn more exciting piloting stuff. After that I had a thermohaline circulation lab! (yay!) I also learned cool stuff about ice cubes and salt water. After that I departed to Boston at noon. Pretty smooth ride, when I got to Boston I went to BU to tell them I am not an illegal, I was pretty successful at that. After that I walked down Commonwealth Ave and ran into the puto Ernesto Reza and we talked for a little bit. After that I met up with a certain curly Jew and she came with me to the station and then I came back to campus.

Not a super exciting day but a good one, I will now go to study for my test tomorrow.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 1 at SEA

Hey guys,

I have been out of the blogging business for the last couple of days but I'll try to catch you guys up with my summer so far. Life in Woods Hole has been awesome. I have been going to the beach numerous times. Playing frisbee in the backyard, cooking with my house and grilling with the other houses.

Classes are not too hard, but they require a lot of reading and work. I am taking three classes:

Nautical Science: The captain of the boat is the teacher for the class and she tells us about the weather and how to read it. Also today we learned our first piloting techniques (i.e. how to know where we are and steer accordingly). This is my favorite class by far.

Oceanography: This class is all about science of the oceans and how they work. A lot of reading and memorizing words (something i have not done for a while). It is generally ok, lectures are not great but they are not bad either.

Maritime Studies: This is a literature/history class. We learn about columbus and read Thoreau. I like this class because its relaxing and today we got to go to this awesome like garden near the water and write about how we felt in that place.

Cooking so far has been good, people at my house have some really good recipes and I am eating here better than I have in months. I try to help out in the kitchen and later today I will be grilling some tasty burgers and hot dogs.

I love the area, we are really near many beaches and we get to see a lot of the natural beauty of the Cape. We got to go o Woods Hole last week to the Marine Biological Library and we got a glimpse of WHOI and the town.

I am going to end with a couple of pictures from this last week that I just uploaded. I need to go shower cause I just came from jumping into the water off a dock in the park. It was pretty fun and the water was actually kinda warm this time around.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Day at Woods Hole

So I arrived at WH today. Pretty awesome place. Good beaches (nothing like Salvadorean beaches though)... met some really cool people and played frisbee. I like the little cottage we live in and the classes look interesting. I already have homework for tomorrow, I need to read like 25 pages on boating stuff. I am taking this class called Nautical Science which is like 8.01 (Physics I) and sailing classes combined.

Here are some pics so you guys see the awesome place I am in and the awesome people I am with. However there are some bad news: first is that there are no boats for me to play with... second (and much worse news) is that I am not going to have internet access in the boat... meaning i am going to be out of the blogging business for at least four weeks. I will keep a written diary and hopefully post that online sometime after my trip. It's not gonna be the same but at least I'll let you guys know about my time in the boat. Also I will be sending the link to the boat's twitter feed later on so you can follow our progress through the pacific.

Lastly, it looks like I will be heading back to Boston this weekend (yay!). The BU people want to talk to me about my international status (basically they are doing the whole Arizona deal on me) to make sure I am legally here. Well I'll update you when more interesting stuff happens.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day before Woods Hole

hey dudes and dudas,

To start off: My apologies for not mentioning that WILL CAME BACK YESTERDAY yay! shame on me for not mentioning it on yesterday's post.

Today was my last day at Boston/Cambridge before leaving for Woods Hole to take ocean classes for 4 weeks. I really hope they have boats for me to sail because if not I am going to go crazy. Talking about boats, today was a great sailing day. Will, Reece Ameyo and me went to the friendly toast for some lunch, they gave us an hour wait for our table and I used this hour to go sailing.

I headed off to the Friendly Toast and ate lunch. After that I took the gang sailing. At the pavilion this random black dude asked us if he could sail in our boat so he boarded our boat. I had a lot fun in the boat with heeling the boat (heeling is when the boat tilts over to one side). The wind was good and the boat was big so heeling the boat without capsizing it was very easy. After sailing the catboat I took a Tech out and sailed it. Just as when I was going to leave because of the lack of wind, this huge gust came from the South. It was like God was giving me some extra wind to end my day. I had fun with the strong southerly wind and then headed back in.

After sailing I went to next skyped for a bit and then packed. That was pretty much my day.

Moment of the Day: Me: "Hey Reece you are going to be the photographer when we go sailing" (hands over camera) Reece: "I am not a good photographer, people in the Asian tour groups always hand me over their camera assuming I can take a picture because I am Asian but I still cannot take pictures" Me: "Wow I did not even think of that... my subconscious is racist too!"

Sailing Sailing and more sailing...

I've been out of this blogging thing for the last couple of days. I was too tired at the end of the day to blog my adventures but here goes a quick summary of my life in the past three days,

Saturday I woke up and started packing my stuff for Woods Hole (I leave tomorrow), then I got together with my ex-roomie Edgar and went to the Galleria to buy stuff for my trip. After failing to find woolen socks we left the galleria. It was raining and we had our bikes so we biked back to MIT in the rain. Biking in the rain was fun but during a curve my bike tire slipped and I fell on my knee. Not a big fall but a fall nonetheless Then on saturday night we went moonlight sailing! This was pretty awesome and had some good burgers and good company. We also met some guy on the boat from Milan and then everyone started talking about their bad experiences in Milan which was kinda funny.

Sunday was probably one of the best days ever... (First of all it was windy!) I woke up at 8am and went to the pavilion to help teach the Sunday sailing class (a class which all of YOU should take). Helping teach the class was pretty fun there were only two capsizes so no major harm was done and i got to go around in a Tech Dinghy telling people what to do. I was glad to see my friends Keesling and Oscar take the class and do very well in their first day sailing! A certain curly haired Jewish girl on the other hand never showed up for the class... After the class we went to Shaws with Keesling and Oscar and then returned to the pavilion. We sailed for another 2-3 Hours and I enjoyed watching them learn and sort of freak out when big gusts of wind came their way. However as I said before they did an awesome job sailing on the first day!

Ohhhh.... also I've had really weird dreams lately... on Saturday morning I woke up after having a dream that involved me turning into a strange flying energy animal. I was also being hunted down by Ellen who wanted to kill me because apparently I was a danger for mankind. The dream also involved me sailing, Megan Fox and getting a brass rat for my friend Luis back home. And Sunday morning i woke up after a dream where I was at 3rd East with all the gang and me and Mario were explaining to everyone what an op amp did. I also vaguely remember talking to some of the course 16ers about working on an altitude controller.

Random Thought of the day: I love almonds. RAW almonds, roasted almonds are ok, but salted almonds are a crime against mankind.

Friday, May 28, 2010

this blogging thing is addicting...

Hey guys welcome to another day in my life. Had a pretty good day today... I made a speaker out of a styrofoam plate and then drove it with a function generator. I then played with the frequency of the input current. After that I hung out with my awesome friend Ade who decided she wants to kill me for writing about her on the blog...oops. Then I went grocery shopping and forced a certain curly haired Jewish girl to make rice and beans with me. (Notice that I said WITH me and not FOR me, I'm not that lazy)

I also discovered a new love in my life today... Dunkin Donuts' Danishes...mmm (hopefully I used the right plural for Danish there). Unfortunately I could not go sailing today but I will go moonlight sailing tomorrow which should be fun... if you wanna join us then call me or message me!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Practice...

Knowing myself, I am sure I need some practice blogging before my trip and make it a habit cause if not, I'm sure I'll either forget to blog or just find a reason to blog. Thus, this random entry! I'm gonna tell you about my week here at MIT before departing to Woods Hole MA.

I 've been working at Edgerton Outreach every day of the week and putting up with "delightful" children and confusing them and my boss with my multiple names: Roberto, José, Pancho, Alejandro, Paco and Andrés. I also enjoy working with Adedoyin (my nigerian friend). Working with Ade has been an experience for the last couple of days in which daily she punches me (sometimes in front of the children). Everyone at work has been teasing her with the date she had on Monday in the esplanade. If you get to talk to her please ask her how her date went and enjoy her reaction.

After working I normally either go to my UROP or go help someone in the machine shop. Today I went to help the RoboCup dudes for a little bit and then went sailing in the gorgeous day. I'm excited for Moonlight Sailing Saturday plus the wind forecasts show good wind for that night!

Random fact, today while doing a roll-tack* today my crocs slipped. I am pretty disappointed because my crocs were rated as "boating" and were supposed to not slip when wet.

*Roll-tack= type of turn in sailing

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Post

Hey guys,

Soooooo... i finally decided that the best way to document my trip this summer is to set up a blog that anyone can access. Due to popular request the blog will be posted in English but if I get enough requests I will be posting stuff en Español tambien. Hope you guys enjoy it and any suggestions please email me or fb message me. Below are a couple of the kayaking pictures from this weekend.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Testing out the blog

Im testing this whole blog thing out