Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Post

Hey guys,

Soooooo... i finally decided that the best way to document my trip this summer is to set up a blog that anyone can access. Due to popular request the blog will be posted in English but if I get enough requests I will be posting stuff en Español tambien. Hope you guys enjoy it and any suggestions please email me or fb message me. Below are a couple of the kayaking pictures from this weekend.


  1. Hey Puto! I totally read this whole entry in your accent. =) I'm going to miss you this summer. Take lots of pictures.

    Also, your grammar made me twitch. I can't wait 'til Ellen reads it.


  2. haha anne, same here. i can alomst hear roberto saying this.
    this blog is going to be cool.
    you better not stop posting.


  3. En español también!!!!! :D :D :D