Friday, June 11, 2010

End of Week 2 at SEA

Hey Dudes and Dudas,

I just ended week 2 at SEA. Pretty full week with 2 tests and quite a bit of assignments. I did well in my Piloting Test (yay! I'm not gonna get the ship lost) but I did not do that well in my oceanography one (apparently White Shark Café is not a biogeographical zone after all) I am pretty sure I passed though. I am getting ready for another cookout later tonight and we are gonna celebrate one of my roommate's 21st bday (should be pretty fun.

WORLD CUP BABY! First day ended with 2 ties... pretty dull but I must say that Mexico was extremely lucky in getting that draw against the host. They were inches away of losing their first game and must step it up for the 2nd matchday. France and Uruguay were disappointing too and probably won't make it too far. ARGENTINA PLAYS TOMORROW... I am very excited and will be watching the game with my seaman friends. On the other hand I also found out that I probably won't know who won the world cup until 2 weeks after we land in San Francisco... I almost cried when I heard this but I am doing my best to convince certain people to relay vital World Cup information to us at sea.

Today in Nautical Science we did this cool thing where we went to the beach and did a piloting exercise there and we practiced using a compass and aids to navigation (like lighthouses and buoys etc). It was an awesome way to spend classroom times. i'll also attach some pictures of this to this post.


PS: The right answer for the most recent poll is "my head is gonna explode" I'll let you figure why

PPS: Did I use enough awkward grammar Ellen?


  1. Yes, much better. :)

    Also, I think I have no choice but to give up and join France in their World Cup madness...

  2. They are not gonna to very well, they sucked in their game today... but allez les blues!

  3. Yeah, but I can at least get drunk with them while they watch :)

    And one more thing: I think what you meant to put for your poll is something more like "this sentence is false", because the head exploding thing doesn't work for your question. (To begin with, it's a question, not a statement, and questions inherently cannot be either true or false.)

  4. It should be "Allez Les Bleus" just spelled bleu wrong. =) BUT, I am very sorry for your lack of knowing who wins or not!!! England also plays the US tomorrow, so that game I am most excited for. I am really disappointed in both Mexico and France today, but we'll see if they can step it up!!!