Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Practice...

Knowing myself, I am sure I need some practice blogging before my trip and make it a habit cause if not, I'm sure I'll either forget to blog or just find a reason to blog. Thus, this random entry! I'm gonna tell you about my week here at MIT before departing to Woods Hole MA.

I 've been working at Edgerton Outreach every day of the week and putting up with "delightful" children and confusing them and my boss with my multiple names: Roberto, José, Pancho, Alejandro, Paco and Andrés. I also enjoy working with Adedoyin (my nigerian friend). Working with Ade has been an experience for the last couple of days in which daily she punches me (sometimes in front of the children). Everyone at work has been teasing her with the date she had on Monday in the esplanade. If you get to talk to her please ask her how her date went and enjoy her reaction.

After working I normally either go to my UROP or go help someone in the machine shop. Today I went to help the RoboCup dudes for a little bit and then went sailing in the gorgeous day. I'm excited for Moonlight Sailing Saturday plus the wind forecasts show good wind for that night!

Random fact, today while doing a roll-tack* today my crocs slipped. I am pretty disappointed because my crocs were rated as "boating" and were supposed to not slip when wet.

*Roll-tack= type of turn in sailing


  1. the esplanade is the park that exists along the length of the charles river

  2. 1.) Bobby, I'm gonna kill you!
    2.) It was not a date!
    3.) Anyone who asks me about it dies! Except for Michaela but only because she sent an email before I posted this comment.

    Did I mention I'm gonna kill Bobby? I did? Good!

  3. Hahahahahaha "not supposed to slip when wet".

    That's all I had to say.

    Dammit Ade, I totally was going to ask you!!!

    And finally: Nigerian should be capitalized.

  4. AWWWWWWW....Ade. You are growing up right before our eyes. How was it???

  5. 1) Ade did you really go on a date? With whom?
    2) Roberto, you said "I know i'll have my friend Ellen for the next two years to correct me". That makes it sound like we'll stop being friends when we graduate, and that's sad.
    3) I'll probably take your advice and make a blog for my trip to France, so get excited!