Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cholo @ MIT Maker Faire!

Some pics of the EV-Allstars at MIT! Taken by Josh Ramos during MIT's first Maker Faire!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cholocycle: upgrade components finally here!

After a long wait.... over the last couple of weeks I have received some awesome new presents:

Sevcon Size 6! WOOHOOO
OMG SO MANY A123s! (i'm using two 13s3p modules!)
Delta-Q Quiq 1kW charger!
Let the preparations commence!
 I will be using 13s3p modules now (as opposed to 13s2p), this gives me 50% more energy and range than before! Here is an updated plot of my range estimates!

70 mile city and 50 highway! not too shabby!

Me and a group of awesome helpers have started planning the system upgrades. We have dismantled the old system (held together by wood and zipties) and we are sizing the components and mounting strategy.

not the final configuration!

I also have bought a new sound system for the bike (Thanks BOSE!)

With these new components and my awesome new crew of volunteers I am hoping to be working on this project more and be done (street legal) by the end of January!