Monday, May 31, 2010

Day before Woods Hole

hey dudes and dudas,

To start off: My apologies for not mentioning that WILL CAME BACK YESTERDAY yay! shame on me for not mentioning it on yesterday's post.

Today was my last day at Boston/Cambridge before leaving for Woods Hole to take ocean classes for 4 weeks. I really hope they have boats for me to sail because if not I am going to go crazy. Talking about boats, today was a great sailing day. Will, Reece Ameyo and me went to the friendly toast for some lunch, they gave us an hour wait for our table and I used this hour to go sailing.

I headed off to the Friendly Toast and ate lunch. After that I took the gang sailing. At the pavilion this random black dude asked us if he could sail in our boat so he boarded our boat. I had a lot fun in the boat with heeling the boat (heeling is when the boat tilts over to one side). The wind was good and the boat was big so heeling the boat without capsizing it was very easy. After sailing the catboat I took a Tech out and sailed it. Just as when I was going to leave because of the lack of wind, this huge gust came from the South. It was like God was giving me some extra wind to end my day. I had fun with the strong southerly wind and then headed back in.

After sailing I went to next skyped for a bit and then packed. That was pretty much my day.

Moment of the Day: Me: "Hey Reece you are going to be the photographer when we go sailing" (hands over camera) Reece: "I am not a good photographer, people in the Asian tour groups always hand me over their camera assuming I can take a picture because I am Asian but I still cannot take pictures" Me: "Wow I did not even think of that... my subconscious is racist too!"

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  1. Dude, nice blog!
    Keep me posted on any RNH updates :-)