Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 1 at SEA

Hey guys,

I have been out of the blogging business for the last couple of days but I'll try to catch you guys up with my summer so far. Life in Woods Hole has been awesome. I have been going to the beach numerous times. Playing frisbee in the backyard, cooking with my house and grilling with the other houses.

Classes are not too hard, but they require a lot of reading and work. I am taking three classes:

Nautical Science: The captain of the boat is the teacher for the class and she tells us about the weather and how to read it. Also today we learned our first piloting techniques (i.e. how to know where we are and steer accordingly). This is my favorite class by far.

Oceanography: This class is all about science of the oceans and how they work. A lot of reading and memorizing words (something i have not done for a while). It is generally ok, lectures are not great but they are not bad either.

Maritime Studies: This is a literature/history class. We learn about columbus and read Thoreau. I like this class because its relaxing and today we got to go to this awesome like garden near the water and write about how we felt in that place.

Cooking so far has been good, people at my house have some really good recipes and I am eating here better than I have in months. I try to help out in the kitchen and later today I will be grilling some tasty burgers and hot dogs.

I love the area, we are really near many beaches and we get to see a lot of the natural beauty of the Cape. We got to go o Woods Hole last week to the Marine Biological Library and we got a glimpse of WHOI and the town.

I am going to end with a couple of pictures from this last week that I just uploaded. I need to go shower cause I just came from jumping into the water off a dock in the park. It was pretty fun and the water was actually kinda warm this time around.


  1. Roberto you look like you are having a ball. There was a guy on TV last night from Woods Hole talking about the oil spill, and I thought of you. FYI...I bought something for you yesterday, but you will hve to wait until the beginning of the school year to see it.

  2. The pictures are so pretty! =) I'm glad you're learning. It takes your mind off being a huge perve. =P

  3. Dear Anne,

    Actually I am behaving pretty well here... maybe in a couple of weeks these guys will be ready for the real Roberto full perv full hispanic

  4. Rober, with the World Cup starting today, I think you have to finally come out of the latino-closet. It's hopeless at this point.