Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boston for a day...

So, I woke up today and went to class to learn more exciting piloting stuff. After that I had a thermohaline circulation lab! (yay!) I also learned cool stuff about ice cubes and salt water. After that I departed to Boston at noon. Pretty smooth ride, when I got to Boston I went to BU to tell them I am not an illegal, I was pretty successful at that. After that I walked down Commonwealth Ave and ran into the puto Ernesto Reza and we talked for a little bit. After that I met up with a certain curly Jew and she came with me to the station and then I came back to campus.

Not a super exciting day but a good one, I will now go to study for my test tomorrow.



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  2. Please keep up the terrible grammar, it's hilarious! This post fell a little bit short of my expectations in terms of its entertainment value because you didn't use as many weird phrases as you normally do.

    (Off the record: I'm actually beginning to sympathize with you a little bit because of my own plight. I don't know how your English compares to my French, but I know my French grammar isn't flawless. I hope it's at least amusing to French people the way your English skillz are to me.)