Monday, February 11, 2013

Impractical Bikes!

As part of MIT IAP (Independent Activities Period) I took part in an Impractical Bicycle Dynamics Class. The class was led by Jack Whipple (D-lab Shop Manager) and Mars (Crazy Bike Expert), the point of this class was to create unconventional bicycles that were still somewhat rideable.

The class had 4 teams of 2 people each. The bikes constructed were:

1. (My team) "Bucky" A bicycle where arms provide propulsion and legs provide steering.

2. Snowmobike: A pedal powered contraption with a huge snowmobile tanktread.

3. Chopper: A chopper style bicycle.

4. Tall+Cargo: A tall bike that also has space for cargo.

You can find more details on each bike at the class website:

During the last day of class we had a small crazy bikes party outside of N51, here is a small video of the most incredible moment of that day, MARS RIDING BUCKY!

Many thanks to the instructors of the class for putting it together! I really hope AIBD becomes an IAP classic at MIT and as a result that the bicycle hacking community at MIT grows!