Friday, May 28, 2010

this blogging thing is addicting...

Hey guys welcome to another day in my life. Had a pretty good day today... I made a speaker out of a styrofoam plate and then drove it with a function generator. I then played with the frequency of the input current. After that I hung out with my awesome friend Ade who decided she wants to kill me for writing about her on the blog...oops. Then I went grocery shopping and forced a certain curly haired Jewish girl to make rice and beans with me. (Notice that I said WITH me and not FOR me, I'm not that lazy)

I also discovered a new love in my life today... Dunkin Donuts' Danishes...mmm (hopefully I used the right plural for Danish there). Unfortunately I could not go sailing today but I will go moonlight sailing tomorrow which should be fun... if you wanna join us then call me or message me!


  1. Roberto! I've got a blog now, too!