Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cholocycle - Motor and Motor Mounts

Camilo and Victor spent lots of time making the clamps fit perfectly:

camilo staring at the clamps
victor posing for the camera

We then made renderings for the motor and its mounts (for prettiness sake)

rendered motor mount (soooo pretty)

The AC-20 finally arrived!

sexy motor!

Shout-out to Travis at who sold us the AC-20!

When the motor arrived we checked the laser cut clamps with the actual motor and then it was time for some waterjetting!

good fit!
waterjet pieces!
Roberto did some post machining on the water jet pieces, he drilled and tapped holes for the starboard clamp.

We also machined the sprocket with its bolt circle and its bore.

With the pieces waterjet and post machined it was motor mounting time! Roberto and Jacob spent part of their friday night putting the motor in. It took a while but it came out great!

the chain is on!

Our next big challenge is to get our Sevcon Gen4 driving the motor. Stay tuned for more updates!

A really big thanks to our friends at especially the folks that responded to our thread (big shout-out to Noah Podolefsky and Ted Dillard for their resources on AC-20 motor mounting.