Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Day at Woods Hole

So I arrived at WH today. Pretty awesome place. Good beaches (nothing like Salvadorean beaches though)... met some really cool people and played frisbee. I like the little cottage we live in and the classes look interesting. I already have homework for tomorrow, I need to read like 25 pages on boating stuff. I am taking this class called Nautical Science which is like 8.01 (Physics I) and sailing classes combined.

Here are some pics so you guys see the awesome place I am in and the awesome people I am with. However there are some bad news: first is that there are no boats for me to play with... second (and much worse news) is that I am not going to have internet access in the boat... meaning i am going to be out of the blogging business for at least four weeks. I will keep a written diary and hopefully post that online sometime after my trip. It's not gonna be the same but at least I'll let you guys know about my time in the boat. Also I will be sending the link to the boat's twitter feed later on so you can follow our progress through the pacific.

Lastly, it looks like I will be heading back to Boston this weekend (yay!). The BU people want to talk to me about my international status (basically they are doing the whole Arizona deal on me) to make sure I am legally here. Well I'll update you when more interesting stuff happens.


  1. more interesting stuff=you getting deported after that meeting with BU. I'm excited.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha @Dana. Wait, why does BU care? Shouldn't MIT be deporting you?

  3. MIT loves me Anne, BU just wants to talk to me about my documents and stuff

  4. Ooooh, understood.

    PS--you don't comment my blog. *sadface*