Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sun and Windmills

Hey guys!

Another day at Holland and another day that the work permit people keep me waiting, I haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow (I know I have said that many times but one can only keep high hopes). I already planned that if the work permit does not work out and it turns out I cannot get paid then I'll head back to Boston to work (and live with my awesome friend Christian) and go back to El Salvador for a couple of weeks to see family and friends, but yeah I like being in the Netherlands so I hope that I don't have to leave soon.

Kept working on the catamaran hull today, we fixed the mast and the keel and tomorrow we are going to build the sail and the running rigging. After work, I wanted to take advantage of the sunny day (well sort of sunny) and go to a really nice park called the Kralingen Paas where my friend has his rugby practice. In the middle of the park there is this huge lake (where people go sailing yeah!) and right by the water there are two windmills, these are some pictures!

I went up this observing platform and spent like 20 min. contemplating the wind and the sailboats on the surface of the water, it was nice but I was hoping that one of the sailors would look at me and invite me to join their crew. Did not happen but on the bright side I will go sailing next Saturday with my co workers for FREE!

After hitting up the park I went back home and got a Tiramisu Gelato in the way (delicious!). While I was eating my ice cream and walking my bike, this sketchy white old guy started saying stuff in Dutch to me. I tried to signal that I could not understand and he was getting closer and still talking shit so I got on my bike and got away from him while he kept on screaming gibberish. I was so close to my apartment and I did not want him to see me entering my door so I went past the apartment in the bike and then killed some time to make sure he was gone. Then after no further incident I went into the apartment and had an awesome rice and pork dinner with Q (he just came back from Denmark yesterday!)

Unfortunately I wont be able to go to Belgium this weekend because my friend is super sick, but we'll try to set up something cool and cheap to do (i only have 40 euro left,,, after that I need to start changing $ into €), however I plan to go NEXT weekend and drink some good quality beer (I heard it makes Heineken and all American beers taste like water).

Thank you putos for reading yet another day in my Dutch life, I'll keep you guys updated on the status of my work permit!


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  1. nice pictures of the windmill, glad you didn't get raped! :) Hopefully they put you in a position to go back to the United States! It's so much fun to see other countries!!!!