Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laundry, Tacos and the Red/Blue Bandits

Hello avid readers!

Welcome to another exciting chapter of my summer life. The last two days in Rotterdam have been pretty average, at work I have been helping out with some construction as well as come research for the naval architecture of the project, however some of our progress has been slowed down because our marine advisor for the project (a Naval Architect in Chile) has been unable to communicate with us because his university was shut down due to student protests (typical latin american university issues). However, today I got the joy of playing with a sewing machine from the 1940's, it is a beautiful machine, swiss made and super tough. One of the coolest things I saw in the machine is how it handles different stitching patterns. In order to get a different stitching patterns you load one of this "cartridges" (basically a cylinder with a hole in the middle and a special pattern in the curve surface.) then when the machine runs, this cartridge rotates and the curved part moves this other part thats spring loaded to it and that moves the needle around (basically a cam mechanism). It was awesome to see, and I think I have added a vintage sewing machine to the things I have to buy for my future collection (in addition to a centrifugal governor and a planimeter.)

After my day at work I went over to my friend apartment to have some tacos! It was good to have some homemade food! After dinner we went to Kralingen Paas (the nice park I talked about last week) and looked for a sailing club so I could rent some boat for a couple of hours in the afternoon. After a bit of walking we found a sailing club!!! The club we found is not in the best state (I'll upload some pics when I go there again) but they have a good amount of boats, its close to my house and it has affordable rates so I'll be able to sail after work a couple of times a week. I will try to sail next week. In the meanwhile me and my coworkers are going sailing in the weekend (for free) so stayed tuned with the blog for some pictures!

Also something funny happened while walking to the sailing club. We were in this neighborhood and then this little dutch kid starts talking to me and my friend in dutch, his mom came after us and asked us if we had stolen the keys to a bicycle that was on the street (yeah... I know what you are thinking damn dutch people always going for the hispanics!....thats what I thought at first) we told her we had no idea of what she was talking about and she took it well, she told us someone had told her that two people, one wearing red one wearing blue were seen taking the keys to the bike (yep... just our luck, my friend was in a red "thing 3" shirt and I was wearing the blue "go greek! 2010" shirt) the lady was nice and she told us to look out for "white dutch people in blue and red" , after that we walked away...

I took the cheap route again and did my laundry at my friend's this time I took a lot so it was a little problematic to carry it on the way back, but almost every bike here in holland has a little space at the back where you can tie your "cargo" so it was not too bad. Apparently no one has a dryer here in the Netherlands so all my clothes are outside drying (hopefully they will be ready for tomorrow!).

That been my life so far! Please don't hesitate to put any questions or any other thoughts in the "comments" section below, I'll do my best to answer/address them. Also if you want me to make an entry on something specific don't be afraid to ask!

Ciao kids!


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