Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frustration, Catamarans and X-Men

Hey guys!

Im back at the end of a very quiet weekend. I STILL haven't heard anything from the permit. Frankly its INSULTING that these dumbasses are giving me such a hard time trying to work the legal way (no wonder why there are so many illegal workers in the world, cause if you try doing things the right way they make it impossible for you. They must be "yeah... so you go to MIT, one of the top engineering schools in the world but you are still not good enough to work in our country (ASSHOLES)".. but whatever if i dont get paid in the next 14 days im going to pack up my stuff and head back to Boston and then visit El Salvador for a little bit

My friday was funny, we put our ghetto-ass catamaran in the water and we took turns floating in it in the dirty harbor water (we did not have a sail so we had to pull it from the shore to check the double rudder steering) check out the pics:

After that I went back home and had some beers and pizza in the roof with one of my coworkers Henrik.

Then on Saturday i spent the day in Rotterdam with my friend Ale reminiscing and laughing about our high school years. Then we got together with two other friends and went to watch X men, it was a really good movie (the best of the series in my opinion) and i recommend it to anyone!

Today... I woke up late and started my look for a catholic church. It was a failure, I did find a catholic church but it was completely closed and they had no information in the outside, I also found a Greek Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Church and a Pakistani-Christian church but still no open Catholic church very annoying but I will try again next week.

I'll keep you guys posted on the ordeal that is my legal status here in Holland!



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  1. I hope you get your work permit soon! But if you end up coming back to the US, you should visit me in CT :)