Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On work permits and cherry stems...

Hey guys!

Just got back home today. I spent the day working on a catamaran hull that we are building in my workplace. It is super ghetto, the hulls are made from styrofoam and wood for the frame, we have a pvc pipe for the mast and we don't even have a good sail cloth to use to we used some kind of tarp that was too heavy but whatever! I'll deal with that maƱana! I'll put up a picture in the blog once its done.

I know many of you were wondering if I got my work permit or not... but I did not hear anything from the lady in charge today so I'll have to wait for tomorrow to find out. I can't believe its been more than three weeks here in the netherlands, it feels like more! But yeah it'll probably be sooner than I expect so I have to use my time here in Europe wisely and travel (hard to do if I am not getting PAID!! ARRRRR...)

Also... I found out that doing 1 load of laundry here in the Netherlands costs 4 euro (6 bucks) so like a good latino I carried my dirty clothes around town and did the laundry at my friends place while playing Carlos Duti (CoD). Also... yesterday I became a more accomplished person by doing this:

So yeah! A food order came to the workspace and it had a box of cherries so I challenged one of my coworkers to tie a knot with the cherry stem and he did!! He actually tied three different stems in less time that I took tying one, also his knots were much better... but nevertheless I felt good about myself...

I'll keep you guys updated about my work permit tomorrow! Have a great day/night/evening!


PS: Please don't forget to comment on the stories so that way I know who is reading and who I can make fun of in my entries!! Thanks!


  1. Nice job with the stem roomie....Dana is a lucky woman ;) lol

  2. lol I was going to say something along the lines of what Caesar said...tying a cherry with your tongue? Definitely a useful skill ;) lol We need to go back to chicago soon and sleep in Caesar's attic lol

  3. Laundry was super expensive in France, too! At least you haven't gotten molested while trying to do your laundry yet...