Monday, May 14, 2012

Re-Induction of Blog Motion!

Hey guys!
  I have recently (yesterday) decided to restart this blog!

 After being inspired by my awesome roomie Vicky Rodriguez I have decided to revamp my blog and make it a maker blog!

 I'll be posting about stuff I have made/taken apart for classes, for fun, or just random ideas that I have! Please feel free to submit any ideas or comments and I'll definitely take into account your feedback!

For this re-induction post I have decided to talk about a simple Induction Motor me and my roommates made at 2am in September 2011 because we were bored.

Here is a video of the motor running!

 I have recently been really interested in induction motors, ever since I found out about them I cant stop thinking of possibilites to use them (of course, them being such an "old" technology most of their uses have been figured out).

 A induction motor works on the principle of electromagnetic induction (surprise, surprise!), AC is pumped into the stator coils which induces a current in the rotor (a lid in my motor) and this induced current tries to catch up to the changing magnetic field in the stators. Thus we get motion without no mechanical connection whatsoever!

 The motor is classified as a split phase motor, this is because I used one voltage source (a 9V RMS 60Hz sinusoid) and then hooked up one stator coil in series with 220uF a capacitor to create a phase shift which gives the motor self starting capabilities.

 Credits to Nikola Tesla, the real life Tony Stark who invented the induction motor (as well as a myriad of other devices!)

 Thanks for reading guys and please stay tuned to the blog! I'll to try update the website very regularly and document what I do!

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