Friday, July 15, 2011

Delft and the illegal bbq

Dear readers

Last saturday was a pretty packed and awesome day. We had planned to go sailing in Kaag again, however it seemed the weather was not cooperating with us, nevertheless we gave sailing a chance and departed to Kaag at about 1100, we got there and hopped on the 40 sec ferry again.

In the sailing club conditions for sailing were amazing! It was sunny and we had constant 16-17 knot winds with gusts up to 20-22. Handling the main sheet was a real workout. I think the most interesting new thing we saw was a pizza boat floating in the middle of the lake system, sort of like a drive-in (sail-in) pizza restaurant.

After Kaag, we decided to go to Delft to get some beers and walk around the city centre. We went into an Albert Heijn (the Dutch equivalent of Shaw's) and one of my coworkers spotted a "disposable bbq" (it is basically a tray with charcoal and wood…super convenient!) So we decided to do a bbq in the middle of the street, we knew it was probably not permitted but we figured we should give it a chance.

We found a nice cozy spot near the central city square and started the fire. We had some burgers (btw dutch hamburger meat sucks) and some sausages and we started off some drumsticks. People in the street kept staring at us and smiling and old woman actually came close and told us that our bbq was an amazing idea.

After about 45min of bbq this police car drove by and stopped. They stayed their for about a minute and then drove off, we thought he was going to come stop our fun but apparently not (that's what we thought). Then about 10 minutes later this bum stops by and starts talking to us. This guy was a hyperactive bum and very sketchy looking (ripped clothes and a drugged look on his face). He also told us what we were doing is "PEEEERRRRRFECT" and we offered him a sausage so he would leave, he said we were "blessed" after that he posed for the camera and then we offered him a beer and then he finally left.

Then another 10 min later the cops show up again and this time they take no prisoners (ok… that probably sounded too dramatic) but yeah… they stopped by and told us a bbq in the street was not permitted and we should stop. They let us go with a warning only after we put off the bbq with dirty canal water. After that the cops left and we walked around the city centre. We found some cool swings as well as other nice stuff. After that we headed back home and went to bed because the next day we were going to AMSTERDAM!

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  1. "What you're doing here.. it's perfect"
    -Random bum.