Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tech Dinghy Challenge!

Hey guys!

Last friday was the very first annual Tech Dinghy Challenge at the MIT Sailing Pavilion!

Next House (my old dorm) put together a team for this event full of craziness, sailing and burgers (how could I miss it!?) The competition consisted of getting a team of people and then everyone had to eat at least one burger in 5 minutes time then we had to cram as many people in a boat as possible (modifications were allowed) and then sail to the boston shore and come back! Points were awarded for burgers eaten, people in boat and crossing time.

We modified the tech (sailboat) by adding outriggers with inflatables. We built it desperately in the hours before the competition and honestly I was not sure if it was going to work but PROPS to the designers, they did an awesome job and our modifications were rock solid! Here is a pic of us before putting the boat in the water...

I was fortunate enough to skipper the boat. With so many people on board I had to make use of every resource possible to steer the boat (rudder, sail... even paddles!). IT WAS AWESOME! We had so many sailboats around us taking pictures and throwing water at us! Some incompetent boats even crashed into us which made me extremely mad (why on earth would you crash into a boat with 30 people that is almost sinking?) at some point I was about to jump into the water swim into their boat and pull their rudder out for vengeance. However I desisted...

But my FAVORITE PART was the grand finale, and as videos speak louder than words...

Awesome right? Props to Jeff from the dockstaff who sank us with the wake of his boat! We eventually had to bail the boat to prevent it from sinking into the charles for ever ajajajajja!

I can't wait for next year's challenge! Big shout out to the next house team!


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