Monday, July 11, 2011


hey my avid readers!

I deeply apologize for my lack of blog posts over the last week. Stuff is getting busy here in Rotterdam plus I have finally started travelling around! (exciting!)

As I stated in the last chapter of my adventure, after spending a beautiful and windy Saturday sailing in Kaag, me and my friend Francois decided to visit brussels! We woke up early and got to the station, some agent told us something misleading and we ended up taking a train to Paris (ooops...) the condutor was kinda pissed and charged us extra, however luckily the train had a stop in Brussels and actually got us there a little faster.

We started off Brussels looking for the "Grand Place" (pronounced in French) this is a little square in the middle of the old town of belgium, its super nice and has lots of very nice buildings! Some pics:

After walking around for a little bit, we looked for "delices et caprices" this is a beer tasting shop that my friend recommended, we went there but unfortunately it was closed (and remained closed for the rest of the day). Then we took a long walk to this small plaza near the EU Parliament, there we had the "best fries in the world" and a mitraillette (means machine gun), it was basically a subway with lots of fries and the meat and sauce you want. I got Pita and "mosterd" , it was pretty good! We also had some beer that we got in the supermarker, we got a beer called "La Chouffe" this is a pretty famous beer, not famous in the way Heineken, Sam Adams and Guinness are famous but its famous for being a really good quality Belgian beer. It had a soft sweet taste and it was a good beer for a sunny day. After that we went back to the city centre and had some more beers.

We went to the Delirium bar, this bar is pretty famous and actually holds the Guinness World record of beer variety, they have 2004 different beers available. We tried many different beers including a mango beer, mango beer was actually very good but did not taste like beer at all! However my favorite beer was "triple karmelite", after tasting this beer all other beers you have in Holland taste like water! A cool thing they had in the bar was that tourists sign bills (bank notes) from their native country and stick them to the wall. I saw bills from Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil and a lot of American dollars, also curiously we saw a lot of bills from Boston. Many of them were marked "go red sox", here are some pics:

Its funny how in Brussels they are obsessed with "manneken pis" also know as "the statue of the little boy peeing", all over the city you see souvenirs, decorations and all sorts of stuff modelled after this famous statue, just before leaving Brussels, we were lucky that we ran into the original "manneken pis"! It is a very small statue (only 61cm, 24in high)! Here are some pics of the all the manneken paraphernalia:

Yep, so thats all I have to say on my day in Belgium! I'll leave you guys with some pictures of funny stuff we saw in Brussels!

In case you dont get it: the picture of the chalkboard was of a restaurant with live music, they said they had espectaculos en vivo" but the way they divided the world "espectaculos" made it seem it said "culos en vivo".

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