Friday, July 4, 2014

Chologoodies: Charger, Decals and Tach Sticker

Still waiting for batteries and gen4 controller, so i have been distracted by adding some peripheral goodies to the bike. I'll let the pictures talk by themselves.

arduino nano wired in to interface with the tachometer (now a current meter)

joey putting the charging platform on the bike

retractable cord assembly from an old vaccum cleaner

charging up the bike with the small on board chargers

retractable cord coming out of gas tank! not super practical but it is a neat piece of poetry and gives a new meaning to fueling up your bike

HV, MIT and Beantown Taqueria stickers!

representing the coolest center at MIT (

new tach/ampmeter sticker!

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  1. That is right, your little ones can pull 'em off the wall and stick them back up as many occasions as they need, so the sky is really the restrict when it comes to what they will create!