Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cholo and Harley-D's Project Livewire

As you probably heard Harley just released a prototype electric bike. They are currently touring the US in search for feedback from customers before they make a production bike. They are calling it "project livewire"

I was lucky to be invited to ride the new bike at Boston Harley dealership in Everett on June 27th. It was a lot of fun. They also allowed a bunch of my friends with licenses to ride the bikes on the street.

I really enjoyed the bike! Instant Torque, nice sound, and great looks (arguably better than most electric bikes already out there, i'm looking at you Brammo and Zero!). I got it to 60+mph and i could have definitely gone faster without traffic.

I also brought Cholocycle with me (I had told the dealership I was gonna bring it), after about 10 min of Cholo being dispalyed I was asked to remove it from the exhibition! Apparently, corporate harley in wisconsin saw the bike in the "live feed" from the event and got scared at the amount of attention it was getting and asked for all "competition bikes" to be removed. It was kinda sad not to get to exhibit cholo for longer than 10 min, but I found it kinda flattering that THE Harley-Davidson considered my bike "competition".

Here go some pics for the event, mostly taken by Charles.

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