Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bose Speakers!

About a month ago one of my professors invited me to be part of a speaker building seminar with Bose.  The purpose of this seminar was to expose us to the kind of stuff that Bose does, learn some basic acoustic theory and build some speakers!

The seminar was amazing, the guys from Bose explained some really cool features they put into their products. They showed us this "magic sound wand" which they could use to point at some location and make sounds seem like if it was coming from there. It was kinda spooky but awesome. We also learned a bunch about the use of crossover to give you better sound quality. One of the coolest things they showed was how they designed a new type of speaker cone which exhibits no parasitic harmonics under the audible range and thus was able to produce a pure note much better than a normal speaker cone. (I wish I had a video of this but they had a strobe going in the demo, so it was hard to film).

pink cone has parasitic modes, waffle cone (blue) gives you
 a much more pure note and no parasitics
bose dude holding the magic sound wand

The speaker building part was pretty fun too! We build two speaker cabinets out of PVC and MDF. At the end of the seminar we all put our speakers together and were able to play a 30 track piece in lobby 13!

speakers under construction


Sareena rudely interrupting my photo

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